Accessibility Consulting Services

All Kinds Accessibility Consulting offers a range of opportunities to provide accommodations that move frameworks and practices toward a more inclusive experience for disabled people. The aim is to be as collaborative, educational, inventive, and comprehensive as possible. Let’s get started!

Accessibility Guide Creation

An accessibility guide is a community resource that helps disabled people preview a space or an event and plan how they might most positively enjoy a particular space. The goal of an accessibility guide is to be as robust and detailed as possible to reduce any surprise barriers.


Through the auditing process, All Kinds can fully analyze internal practices, public and private accommodations, resources, and physical environments to make accessibility recommendations. This process will culminate in a comprehensive recommendation plan that includes resources and prioritization of suggested implementations.

Copywriting & Editing

Language standards change rapidly within the disability community and it’s important to have disabled people write about their own experience and proofread writing aimed at them so that egregious errors are avoided. All Kinds utilizes studied precision to include the full spectrum of disability’s language preferences. Written communication is a powerful tool, let’s use it the right way.

Event Consultation

All Kinds is eager to help embrace a wide variety of needs through every step of event planning and execution. Whether it’s tweaking accommodations for a small meeting or preparing for a large multi-day conference, All Kinds knows what accessibility standards must be met in order to accommodate participants and guests.

Resource Creation

The necessity of resources specifically made for disabled people offers exciting opportunities to create tools that meet needs and serve missions. Examples of resources include creating an accessibility website page, social stories, maps, Braille resources, large-text resources, a zine, or something wonderfully inventive that we have yet to think of. Custom resources give an indispensable level of thoughtfulness to your event, organization, or experience.

Resource Curation

We don’t know what we don’t know. All Kinds is clued in to both the local and online disability communities, which is advantageous to curating resources that could be hard to find without a proverbial foot-in-the-door. As search engines become more biased and hierarchical, All Kinds gives a starting place for organizations to delve into disability by creating a thoroughly curated collection of resources.

Sensitivity Readings

Disabled people should be represented in the media in the most accurate and truthful way possible. However, this is easier said than done. All Kinds gives honest and exceedingly thorough sensitivity reads on a wide range of projects in order to make sure representational errors are not made.

Social Media Auditing

Many social media practices are unintentionally discriminatory towards disabled people. A social media audit will analyze what an organization is doing well, what practices should be avoided, and a plan for integrating essential digital accommodations. Your audience will absolutely notice and appreciate the elevated practice.

Training & Workshops

All Kinds provides training and workshops on accessibility, inclusion, and disability that extend beyond trendy buzzwords and disrupt the pattern of stiff, impersonal presentations. Every workshop will be catered to individual organizations and can range in topics including ableism, disability rights, disability history, disability identity, accessible event planning, accommodating disabled people, the models of disability—or any combination of the aforementioned.

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