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All Kinds Accessibility Consulting creates resources and accommodations that reduce barriers and improves how we interact with each other. All Kinds aims to decrease ableism and increase community collaboration through collective solutions that center disabled people and their networks.

All Kinds is a good fit for individuals and organizations that are ready to begin or expand their scope to better include disabled people in a way that centers their expertise and needs. While the goal is to focus on accessibility from the start of any venture, All Kinds is prepared to implement change within any parameters.

Accessibility consulting has occurred since the dawn of humanity through inventive solutions to the experience of disability, but the formalization of this practice is relatively new, not to mention somewhat scarce, in comparison to the global prevalence of disabled people. As such, each project will be highly individualized, scaled to meet the needs of a given practice, and above all, collaborative.

For far too long, disabled people have been systematically excluded and discriminated against. Accessibility is not simply diversity and inclusion, it’s about catching up, amending relations, and preparing for a future that’s more accessible than the world we’re in. Let’s begin!
Shelby, a white woman with blonde hair wearing a green top, sits at a wooden table and smiles. There are two cacti in the background.Shelby sits at a wooden table with cacti behind it. She wears a green top and one arm is resting on the table.

Photo of Shelby Seier by Dana Damewood

About Shelby Seier, Founder

Shelby Seier changes the way people understand, accommodate, and experience disability. After encountering barriers to access as a chronically ill and disabled person, she’s determined to reduce the isolation people with disabilities experience by joyfully expanding communities to welcome disabled people through care work, destigmatization, and access coordination.

Rooted in the Great Plains and available for remote consult, Shelby especially seeks projects in arts, entertainment, and grassroots organizations. As a connector that finds creative methods to bridge gaps, Shelby strives to partner with progressive leaders across disciplines to create projects that advance accessibility.

Prior to founding All Kinds, Shelby worked in a multitude of roles (development, administration, accessibility, outreach coordination, hospitality) at several nonprofits including SA2020, Vail Dance Festival, Film Streams, and the Rose Theater. She has a decade of experience as a teaching artist for young people, especially for students with accessibility needs.

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