What is Accessibility Consulting?

Accessibility Consulting is an exciting practice that adapts infrastructure, attitudes, and programming to include disabled people in a way that centers their needs. It’s about creating resources that provide relevant information, fill gaps in services, and reduce barriers.

What are barriers?

Barriers are anything that prevent or limit a disabled person from being integrated into structures, systems, environments, or social situations. Barriers can be social, structural, digital, attitudinal, physical, purposeful, accidental, or even invisible!

What type of resources does All Kinds create?

Resources include, but are not limited to, copywriting for accessibility website pages and access statements, access guides, social stories, image descriptions and alt text, volunteer training resources, manuals, resource curation for internal industry use, sensory integration displays, and wayfinding resources. Be sure to check out the menu of services for more information, or reach out to schedule an initial phone call to evaluate the services that would best fit your needs.

What could All Kinds consult on in my own practice?

Put simply, everything. Disability is relevant to every endeavor. All Kinds consults on disability inclusion, access safety coordination, accessible event planning, accommodation advocacy, sensitivity reads, and internal auditing of processes such as hiring and employee onboarding. The menu of services offers more details on what this entails.

When should I start thinking about accessibility?

Right this very moment. Accessibility works better and is more cost-efficient when baked in from the very beginning. It’s crucial that accessibility is a part of your plan now rather than later, as accessibility is a framework that helps with guiding decisions and garnering growth.

Who benefits from this scope of work?

All kinds of people. This work bolsters disabled people and strives to make a deeply inaccessible world a bit more navigable. When viewed from a wider lens, including accessibility in frameworks and planning is a practice that strengthens equality and enhances organization, communication, teamwork, and visioning processes.

My building is ADA compliant.
Isn’t that enough?

Nope! Compliance standards are essential and should be followed with extreme precision, enthusiasm, and care, but that’s just one component of accessibility. Going a little further does a lot more. All Kinds is ready to implement best practices both outside and within your wonderfully ADA-compliant building.

I have a family member with a disability.
Why do I need a consultant?

That’s awesome! Accessibility Consulting is a professional field that takes, well, all kinds of disabilities into account when analyzing a current system or trying to build a new one. Unless you’re trained in this wide, wonderfully rich scope of disability presentation and barrier reduction, then it’s likely that you’d benefit from a consultant.

We’re already engaged in DEI efforts.
How is this different?

Disability is one of the largest and most commonly marginalized identities. Disability culture is rich and vibrant. It’s prudent to focus attention and resources towards disabled people because we make up so much of the population and our frameworks offer inventive solutions that benefit the whole. Our collective practice focuses on getting disabled people what they need in order to participate and thrive rather than using capacity to make a case for why it's important to include disabled people. Investing in accessibility is a great way to support and further the prosperity of communities.

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